Everyone has a favorite family vacation they look back on fondly- we’re here to help you create that experience! Camping at Westward Shores on Ossipee Lake NH is a surefire way to plan a trip your family will never forget! Here are some of our favorite moments you and your family can enjoy during your stay at Westward Shores!


After a long day of playing in the sun, take a load off around the campfire. Whether it’s the smell of the crackling fire, the camaraderie of those around you, or the taste of a golden roasted marshmallow in an ooey-gooey s’more, a campfire is the perfect way to end a fun-filled day.


Getting set up at what will be your home for the next few days or week can be one of the most fun parts of camping – the anticipation itself of what is coming up can be very exciting! The kids can’t wait to explore the site and imagine the fun they will have on the trip. Setting up camp helps your vacation to feel that it has officially begun and the fun can commence!


A trip to Westward Shores is the perfect time to unwind from the busy-ness of your day to day life. It’s an opportunity to unplug from your electronics, to read that book you’ve been holding onto, to spend some quiet time fishing, or even taking the morning to sleep in a little late. Take a step back to relax and enjoy quality time with those around you!


Escape to the outdoors! Spending time in nature helps to clear your head and appreciate your surroundings. Experience nature at a Westward Shores –  you can begin the day with the eastward sunrise, see the blue skies over the lake, and relax to the sound of waves lapping at the shore before gazing up at the stars overhead. Take the time to show your family the beauty of nature while camping.


Most importantly, a trip to Westward Shores will be a memory your family will remember. Between the bonfires, beach fun, family time, planned activities like barrel train rides, Wibit races, and camp-wide themes, this fun-filled environment won’t be one the kids soon forget!