Our Green Thinking

  • Our Green Thinking

    A vast number of animals share our home at Westward Shores, including river otters, loons, beavers, moose, bears, bald eagles and more. Guests are welcome to enjoy incredible wildlife watching while at the park, but for the safety of everyone, we ask that you do so respectfully and from a safe distance. Do not touch, get close to, feed or pick up wild animals. If you happen upon a nesting site, please leave it be. The most rewarding viewing experiences allow the observers to see the wildlife going about their natural activities without being disturbed.

    Please be considerate, and always remember to clean up after yourself. Following park guidelines for trash procedures will help promote a clean and safe environment for all campers.

    New Hampshire is home to an invasive weed commonly known as Milfoil, a submerged aquatic plant with dense long leaves. To prevent the spread of this plant to other bodies of water, please remember to clean your boat and trailer of  all vegetation when entering or leaving the water.

    Thank you for your cooperation! It is our hope that following these guidelines will allow everyone at the park to enjoy the beautiful surroundings and wildlife for many years to come.

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